Valo Commercial

Your goals are our work, 
your success is our mission


The Classic Commercial

Before Valo


After Valo

1. Visual Update
The outdated text format and animated dancing fish shows a poor marketing and production understanding, which reflects poorly on the company's brand as a whole. A well-executed cinematic production reflects an innovative, aware, and successful company, boosting public opinion and general reputation. 

2. Brand Refocus
The testimonial "...Falmouth Fish Market is the only fish market in town..." holds little value, as it is neither convincing nor accurate.  "The truth is, we sell the best fish on earth" boldly accents exactly what the company wants to convey, strongly enough to drive the message home without coming off as as pretentious or overly-aggressive. 

3. Original Strengths
Identifying and using the right kind of "in-house" assets can save money and serve as a brand builder. Using the owner's well-known Bostonian accent as the voice over and capturing the actual fishing and prepping process gives the company a transparent, genuine, and familiar element. 


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Curated Commerce 

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Denis Zenchenko