Evan Bourcier - Director/DP

Evan Bourcier - Director/DP

Evan is the founder of Valo, and his passion for great storytelling combined with beautiful images has lead to many award winning projects. He's also a passionate educator, teaching at workshops and conferences around the country. He's the boss.


Denis Zenchenko - Client Relations

Denis is the epitome of a people person. His interest in networking and business carried him through the Isenberg School of Management and on to work at Valo. If you're here, it's probably because he told you about us after buying you a drink.


Jonathan Reynolds - Motion Graphic Artist

Jonathan is our design guru. He cares a lot about things like kerning. After Effects gives the rest of us headaches, so we're happy to leave it to him. He is in charge of making all our titles, as well as any other motion graphic assets.



Joel has loved music from a young age, and has journeyed through the world as a man of many hats including touring musician and studio producer. His main role at Valo is making sure all our music work sounds great.

""Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." -Henry Ford